Thursday, January 29, 2009

Trying something new!

I knew i was looking for something new to take my scrabooking and art in a new direction however, i did not know i would look to my past to find it.

I decided to try selling a scrapbooking home party company again after many years away from the business.

What made me go back? I found a company called Memory Works.

They are exactly what i was looking for!!! No up lines/down lines/sales quotas.

Just amazing products and great support from the company.

I just received my first order and their products are heaven!

The best part is...they carry all of the best companies and many are exclusive.

I will also be carrying the Cricut expression and its cartridges.

Keep an eye out for news of my Open house and drop me a line if you do not receive an email invitation by Valentine's Day.

I will be adding photos of what i make with all my new products real soon.

Defy Gravity!

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